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Our aim is to fully meet your requirements when it comes to the purchase or brokerage of real estate as an investment. But you can expect even more from the Real Estate Surgeon. Because we also strive to offer you high-yield investment properties that you can purchase as an individual or in a share deal constellation. From the outset, we rely on an exclusive consultation to create an analysis and concept, so that you only have to deal with those objects that come closest to your ideas. Our portfolio ranges from representative single-family homes in rural regions, to villas in exposed city locations, to completely renovated apartment buildings in
metropolitan regions. In addition, you will also find attractive single, senior and student apartments that the real estate surgeon will pre-select for you from the entire German-speaking region for later viewing.

In addition to personal service, we also offer you the opportunity to explore our selected properties virtually via 360° videos before you make an on-site appointment. Furthermore, we also provide you with informative blogs about current offers and descriptions via the well-known social media channels.
In order to ensure that you make a spot landing when buying a property later on, we aim to create an expertise for each property that you can rely on. On top of that, you will receive a transparent and comprehensible list with all the advantages and disadvantages on request, so that you can get a complete picture of the economic prospects of the apartment or house. It goes without saying that here too we take into account all facets from the customer’s point of view.

Our team is made up of 20 experts from the real estate industry – under the leadership of CEO Mounir Ghazi, who is also a specialist in visceral surgery at a major Berlin hospital and who has discovered his second significant passion brokering attractive properties to colleagues. This is exactly where the probably unique symbiosis of “real estate & doctors” takes place, which is conscientious, demanding and trustworthy, so that you feel comfortable with your purchase decision in the long run.

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